ELAW editorial (collection by many photographers)

The E.lawmakers are thinking of making some short editorials soon, these photos are a collection of good photographers starting with Hugh O'Malley. 
  Hugh O'malley 

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Car Design of the day. Jan 18

Designed by Gray Design, it is called the Avenger supercar. It has a V8 6 liter engine, the looks seem extremely simple and smooth. 


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Shirt of the day Jan.18

Buko Dika started submitting works on threadless since 2008 and has printed over 20 designs on the website. His work seems simple and symbolic.
                                                                            " Kill Monotony"
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Painting of the day. Jan.18

Using no brushes and only works with spray paint, an upcoming street artist from London started painting 4 years ago. David Walker's technique seems to start with different layers of spray paint and adding or hiding later on to create a face. 

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Art History #2

       Some inspirational sketches from Michealangelo's sketchbook. Read more about Michealangelo on the next page.

Michealangelo Buonarroti was one of the geniuses of the Italian Renaissance. He was a sculptor, painter, poet, philosopher, engineer, architect, mathematician. Born and raised in Italy and lived to be 88 years old. 

Some of his works include the sculpture of david and the painted murals in the sisteen chapel. 
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For Astronomers Only. Jan.17

Here is for the "There's not 1 star on the sky" city people.

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Short film of the day Jan.17

  A prom all to herself, she does what seems natural to her being alone including music from The Shirelles.  

"Prom Night"
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Car Design of the day. Jan 16

Aston Martin "Bulldog GT" designed by HBH company. Test drives for this car should start in early 2013. It is a twin supercharger Aston Martin. HBH company states that production will go on if enough potential customers are found. 
                                                           "Bulldog GT"
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Shirt of the day Jan.16

    Imaginary Foundation was created in the mid 70's by a group of friends who wanted to spread the image of imagination to everyone, and have done successfully so. 
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Painting of the day. Jan.16

William Martin from Arizona has been painting over 20 years and is a painting instructor when he can. Here are some of his amazingly beautiful works. 
                                                               "Purple Iris"
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House Design of the day Jan.16

      Joel Sanders Architect with Haeahn Architecture. Seongbukdong residences located in South Korea. Using the slope as an advantage they used the principle "Borrowed View" a technique where the buildings integrate with the natural environment. The Houses have green roofs and come in multiple colors.
Seongbukdong residences

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Short film of the day Jan.15

Directed by Hugo Jackson, Pascal Chandelier, Valetin Michel, Bastien Mortelecque and elliot Maren.
   Regular guy wants to date a pretty lady but she turns him away. Anyways he carries on and gets hit with a surprising superpower that he found by doing his work.
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For Astronomers Only. Jan.15

Here are some Pictures for people in clustered cities that want the night sky.

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Interesting art history #1

Art History #1

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House Design of the day Jan.14

The twin houses were meant to look balanced together in a harmonious way. The structures were meant to be built around the court yard of zen garden and Japanese cherry blossoms to blend with the interior, the living room for the second home has a porch in it's outer area with a pool. The land is rectangular and has a small slope that ends with a small river. 
                                              Twin Houses in Santiago De Compostelas By A-Cero

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Painting of the day. Jan.14

Amazing work from Borda Adrian. 
    Derived from his website 
"I started to paint 12 years ago, when I went to the Art High School in Targu-Mures, then I continued the specialization in Iasi, "George Enescu" University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, painting section.
I had some personal and group expositions in Romania at Targu-Mures, Iasi, Reghin, and Eindhoven in Netherlands and Works in private collections all over the world, since I started to sell on eBay"

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Car Design of the day. Jan 14

 This Ferrari design by Marko Petrovic  runs with electric power including two engines. Two seats, ultra light and supposed solar panels attached. The steering wheel seems like a video gamers wild dream with the playstation control look. The headlights give the illusion to the viewer as if they were to be floating. Layers of the body seem to be covered and uncovered on this design.
                                                                 Ferrari Millenio

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Shirt of the day Jan.14

Shirt of the day Jan.14. "ColorBlind". Matheus lopes has worked with Nike, Diesel and Iron Fist.
                        "Color Blind" by Matheus Lopes

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