More about E.LAW

Eccentric Law = A blog that supports art deviating from the normal arts. A law that shows truly fantastic Arts such as Designs, Art in fashion, Architecture, Photography.
Eccentric Law is a law for many art forms. A law that says art
should deviate from normal or regular art. The only way to be
great is to be yourself, to be different.

Short History Of Eccentric Law
My name is Dimm. I was born human in a Bear's body, I'm not sure how it got that way but long story short I managed to get away from where I was born in some national forest and now life in a beautiful little island that I call home. I have always love Art since a little cub, I've been going online and there is so much great art out there that I want to share with the world. I want to gather all amazing Arts into one big whole to give you a great art experience.
                                                                                Sincerely, Dimm